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Live Who You Are

Since 1973 the Corcoran brand has stood for excellence in real estate. It’s a reputation we uphold and protect in every market we serve. Our company-owned and franchise operations are comprised of thousands of world-class real estate professionals, empowered by a smart, sophisticated marketing vision and guided by one irrepressible mantra.

Corcoran is Community

Our affiliated agents are members of the family: supremely competitive as individuals and teams, yet fiercely protective of the Corcoran® community. It’s been this way since our founding and it’s one thing that sets us apart from other real estate companies.

Corcoran Is Growth

Corcoran’s commitment to its agents’ education and career development is unmatched in the real estate industry, thanks to Agent Studio’s cutting-edge business and marketing trainings, personal growth programming, and professional mentoring.

Corcoran Is Innovation

In an ever-evolving real estate business, staying ahead of the curve matters, and the Corcoran brand is committed to delivering the industry’s most effective technologies and giving its affiliated agents the insight and support to make the most of them.

Agent Stories

Portrait of Barbara Abram.

Barbara Abram


"Making the change to Corcoran as an affiliate has been seamless for me. They get me. And they understand what I am talking to my clients about. Great tools, social media posts that are timely and ready to go. Help is there when you need it, educational resources at my own pace, and great ideas everywhere to help me grow."

Portrait of Laurel Kerr.

Laurel Kerr


"Corcoran’s education classes bring great insight from successful brokers on how they built their business. I feel like Corcoran really offers a great deal to support my business."

Portrait of Leslie Mcginty.

Leslie McGinty


"It was a pleasure meeting agents from other markets in the breakout rooms of virtual education sessions."

This Is Corcoran

Not all real estate companies are created equal. As a Corcoran affiliated agent, you’re a member of one of the industry’s most prestigious professional communities, one that’s dedicated to delivering the tools, the educational resources, and the brand presence to help you take your business to the next level and beyond.

World-Class Connections

We’re a growing family of 5,000+ world-class professionals across some of the nation’s sought-after regions. Together, our expertise, knowledge, and neighborhood fluency positions us as one of the world’s most recognizable and trusted real estate brands. Explore our offices around the world.

A Name with Resonance

Corcoran agents leverage the power and presence of one of the real estate world’s most luminous brands, backed by a far-reaching, big-hearted marketing and advertising strategy that continually connects with consumers in each of our markets served.

A Culture of Acceptance

Our tagline is more than marketing: “Live who you are” speaks to our personal and professional values. It’s a mantra that powers our vibrant Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council, made up of agents and staff from across the company.

In Their Words

Portrait of alessandro Silaco.

Alessandro Silaco


"When I set out looking for a brokerage to start my new career, the one thing I was searching for most was mentors who set an example I could look up to, all while holding me accountable. Corcoran managers lay it all on the line to make sure our team—filled with 120+ agents—is doing ok. To me, this is invaluable. To feel like you’re part of something so special."

Portrait of Debra Goodwin.

Debra Goodwin


"It has been amazing how many people respond to the Corcoran name and brand. Whether they are buyers or sellers, the familiarity with the brand has made my job easier. They immediately feel a comfort and can place the name. I even had a seller who had heard Corcoran was now in Westchester and contacted me directly from the Corcoran website!"

Portrait of Alicia Cacchione.

Alicia Cacchione


"My manager is the reason I joined Corcoran, and the best leader, mentor and friend I could ask for! Thank you for always leading with knowledge, ethics, compassion and creativity! We are so lucky to have you!"

Portrait of Etie Kahn.

Etie Kahn


"My manager is a terrific leader, whose dedication to his agents, and real estate, is something that is very tangible and real. I feel grateful to be on the receiving end!"

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Any affiliation by you with The Corcoran Group is intended to be that of an independent contractor sales associate, not an employee.